Why let people dial your number,
when they can just dial your Name?

Get a SpellDial Name, for your phone number


Introducing SpellDial

No more numbers. It's connecting done right.

SpellDial is More Practical

More Practical

Instead of contact numbers, SpellDial uses Names.

SpellDial - Just dial my name!

It's You!

Unlike numbers, SpellDial names are easier to remember, related to your identity and cooler!

SpellDial - Got the name that i want!

First-come, First Served

Like email addresses, SpellDial Names are first-come, first-served per country.

Changed your number?

No problem! SpellDial updates your number on other phonebooks - automatically. No need to tell them!

SpellDial Sync

SpellDial Updated Contacts

Has your contact changed their number?

No problem! SpellDial updates your contacts new or changed contact details automatically.

Lost your contacts?

No problem! SpellDial backs-up all your contacts in the cloud. Keeping it safe and sound, no matter what happens to your device.

SpellDial Cloud Backup

SpellDial for Businesses

Need to call a business or an organization that's not in your contacts list?

No problem! SpellDial lets you dial names, even if they are not saved in your contacts. So no need to search or ask, just SpellDial it!

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The world has started to dial names.
How about you?

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